Handmade jewelry

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Silver handmade jewelry

Capossela Creazioni is known for creating fine handcrafted jewelry, classy accessories, creations that make it unique inimitable style of the wearer the uniqueness, and elegance, the distinctive characteristics of handmade jewelry by Creazioni Capossela, make, together with modern design, accessories irreplaceable. The distinctive feature jewelry creations of master jeweler Capossela are all the result of a careful study.

Sell jewelry

Capossela Creazioni is responsible for the design of jewelry design and manufacture of handcrafted jewelry. The original creations in silver are made by the artist Capossela that he indulges in all stages from design jewelry to retail jewelry.

Custom jewelry

Our goldsmith's workshop is specialized in design of handmade jewelry, in prototyping th one and manufacturing of custom jewelry and extremely fine quality. The materials used are gold, silver jewelry and bronze which are often associated with precious stones that enrich even more the part. After the project, submitted by the customer, Creating Capossela can customize, creating a unique and precious jewel.

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Capossela Creazioni
Handmade jewelry - Earrings and rings
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